Friday, October 9, 2009

A very important day...

Today is my favorite sil's birthday!!!!  He is just the best!

The first time Nator walked in our home to meet Mal ...blind date from Del Rio to Mctown..I said Now "That is fine China"  and that he is in every sense of the word.

When God made Nator he was definitely thinking about my Mal.  They are a match in heaven.

I am so thankful to have a sil who loves good muchies , good grumpers and just a whole lot of good fun.  It is not every sil who will take his mother in law into his home and intertain in amazing ways...My best memory with  the Nator..Blood Red Margaritas in Phili and oh of course the morning He asked for mals hand...ask him about that sometime.

Cheers to you today!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Susy

Tomorrow is my sister Susy's birthday!

Susy lives in Denver and loves it there!  I am always telling her to come back and live in Texas next to us in McTown but she says it is too  hot!  I love that she loves Denver except times like this when I wish we could celebrate big events like her birthday together.

Susy adds fun and lots of laughs to all out family gatherings.  We are also so grateful for all the ways she is so giving and caring to me and our entire family.  

I pray that tomorrow God will encourage her and remind her of what a treasure she is to all the people who love her so very much!!!!

Mal has gotten me hooked on doing acrostics for people's birthdays.  I am sure she will do one for her Ant Sissle as she calls her..but I cant resist..I just have to do one too.  Wonder if we will come up with any of the same words to describe her.

Here goes....

S weet and oh so very smart!
Sassy and a lil silly too!
Young at heart

Love love love you!!!  


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Big Day!!

Today  is Mallory Ewing Latham's Birthday..truly a day to celebrate!  Mal brings joy , fun, sweetness and just plain lights up any room she walks in with her beauty and innocence and love for God and others.  She is a giver!  She is one of the strongest women I know!  I admire my daughter so much. Thank you Lord that I get to be Mallory's mom.  

An acrostic for Mallory..

M...merciful towards others 
A...astute...a very smart gal
L..loving..what everyone knows and receives from Mal the end
O..Oblivious to her beauty..what makes Mal so delightful
R..Rare treasure...ask the Nator about that..
Y..Yearns to please God more than anyone I know. 

I love you so much and thank God for your precious , amazing life!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A great dish to taste daily!!!

For parents and grandparents..aunts , uncles...teachers.. particular take a look at the texting while driving video and article...and then share with driving kiddos...serious stuff!

Praying for our youth today!!!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something Old , Something New....

I love newness!!!  Is that a word? 

I love to shop , mail order, receive items in  the mail ..anything that is new.  It is fresh , untouched, no mars ,scratches and no  history.  It is all mine and it is... present forward!

I love this time of year!  Children are starting back to school, church life, community life and even the world of television has new beginnings.

I am excited about new beginnings in my life.  If I did not know I could start over , even with the consequences of times before, I would go bananas...

I love the truth in Gods word..His love letter to me and to you..that Nothing is impossible with God.  My Father is a Father who grants to me new beginnings daily!

God said this, I believe it and so that settles it.  

Looking to a new day, a new year beginnings.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

"I NEVER win anything!"

Okay...I say this all the time...because I have always felt like everyone else wins the sweepstakes , lottery or any other contest out there  except lil ole me!

Good news today...I am a winner daily!  Through Christ I am an overcoming , victorious, joyful, confident,  and peaceful loving gal if I choose to be!!!! 

I CAN Win daily!  Si ....SE PUEDE!!!!

Am I?
Are YOU!

The living really can be it?


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Right Thinking...

Lyn Latham is Mallory's Mil and Steve's sweet sweet mom.  This morning she called from where she is staying with her two parents who are both very ill.  Her father with cancer, just diagnosed this week and her mother with lung disease.  It is not good ( :...
Steve, Mals hubby and Lyn's son is in Japan and will be flying home to fuel fighter jets over the ocean this week.  He is now a captain and the big man in charge...
Not long ago ,Cap. Steve returned from UIA...Dubai and reported of the thunderstorms he succesfully flew through and the danger that surrounded him on his way home.  

As Lyn and I are visiting and I am wanting to minister to her about all these things she is dealing with, as a daughter and mom, she says to me ," Remember Jesus and HIs disciples in the storm...He was with them and sovereign over all..He got them through...Jesus will get us all through a day at a time."

That is Right Thinking that leads  to Right living!

Thank you Lyn for your wise words to me this morning.

Mal you are blessed with a wonderful mil...

Praying to have right thinking today!

Friday, August 21, 2009


The word  amazing is used loosely these days...a new hairdo, a new home, a great movie, a great restaurant , a movie star, a concert get the drift.


I had the privilege to meet them in Africa two summers ago.  

Need something eternally amazing to read about, support , pray for go visit and volunteer?


ps..Kim is a San Antonio girl!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday I  quickly wrote my first blog.  I tried to go back and edit it because I  knew as I was typing I would be able to go back and insert commas and look for other errors.  I could not figure out how to edit it and dinner was on the stove.  So, I clicked the publish button hoping that by some small chance that button would just fix everything.

It did NOt fix anything.

Oh that not life...

We want to go back and edit a comment we should not have said,a purchase we should not have made,a look we should not have given{roll of the eyes},a thought we should have never had and on and on.  Life cannot be edited.  Life happens and we cant take it back.
We cant push a button.
And then there it all is published for all the world to see!

A wise man once told me.."It takes a lifetime to build a good name and a moment to erase that good name.  
Those words have always stuck with me.

My prayer daily is for  the Lord to save my feet from slipping and my tongue from hurting and destroying!
There is a scripture that says...Put a muzzle over my mouth Dear Lord.  

Life truly is a journey and I am thankful I am surrounded by a loving God , family and friends who and gracious enough to forgive and forget the places I need some editing in my daily life!

Praying for that muzzle today!!!

gail more will just appear as it is written.  I am not perfect!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Greetings is something my mom and her mom always said and now here I am saying it too.  
Funny how we say our entire life we will "never be like mom" and then here we are...just like our mom!
Speaking of being a daughter Mal is the reason I am now blogging.  She designed this blog and sent it to me and told me I am good at expressing myself after I told her I was a terrible writer.  So ..... this is all her fault.

This all got me to thinking when I saw the way she designed this well as the title she gave it.  This must be one of the ways she sees me as her mom...a bloom where you are planted kind of gal.  Today I actually took that test on facebook that tells you what kind of person you are.  Why is it we believe those stupid tests.  Especially when they lie to you in ways that make us feel like we are REALLY IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL.  Today I was told I was like Alexander the Great , Tom Hanks and even Weird Al.  My ego was a getting a little big until I came back down to earth with a phone call from Jack C.  asking me what I was cooking for dinner tonight and why the bill from the florist was soooo high this month.  Oh well....
The day ends with me sitting here loving that Mal not some quiz out there describes to me in a lovely way how she views her mother.   Fun colors of flowers that bloom in a window for all the world to see. 

Now that is a tall order to fill on a daily basis.  

It is hard to bloom sometimes when you are planted in hot humid weather of 107 degrees.  It is hard to want to cook , exercise, smile , even walk outside and water the plants.  
Yesterday I  got out to go and purchase a candle at my favorite stop ...Vida...
As I walked in I said to the owner who had not seen me in quite some time, WEll I decided to get out in the heat anyway.

He replied, You can't stop living!  

Where have you stopped living, blooming, loving , sharing, caring?  Where have I?
I am thankful my Mal reminded me of my very words that remind her of me to Bloom Where I Am Planted!